In our giving, the Franciscan Sisters of Mary are sowing the resources gained through our ministry to help slow carbon emissions, protect vital forest habitat, and increase access to sustainably grown, healthy food.

Collaborating with Those Who Share Our Values

We partner with strong organizations that support our values and further our goals. Our collaboration is helping reduce the effects of climate change, preserve our forests, encourage sustainable agriculture, give access to clean water, and offer healthy food options for low-income families.

FSM Grant-Making Strategy

FSM’s approach in awarding grants honors our Franciscan commitment to compassionate care of creation through service and stewardship, empowerment of marginalized communities, collaboration, and health and healing. We have three primary goals in awarding grants:

  • Growing a More Sustainable Local Food System
  • Building a Strong Global Climate Movement
  • Enabling Local Communities to Preserve Biodiverse Forests

Through collaboration, we are having greater impact than we ever could alone.

Staying Nimble

FSM reserves funds for strategic opportunities. Grants funded from this pool are “responsive” because they respond quickly to opportunities that emerge throughout the year that do not fit easily in a calendar-driven grant-making cycle. This tactic takes advantage of FSM’s flexibility and nimbleness, which is a central strength of the organization, and allows us to have an even greater positive impact.

2015 Responsive Grant

Laser-focused on preparing for the 2015 U.N. Conference on Climate Change in Paris in December 2015 (COP21), climate funders and activist groups gave little thought to what should come next. FSM funded a post-Paris workshop organized by the Climate Action Network—International that took place on February 13, 2016, in Berlin. Fifty-five representatives from a wide spectrum of international climate organizations engaged in a day-long strategic planning process, sharing post-Paris strategies, identifying synergies, and coordinating work plans. Ultimately the group intends to identify milestones and key strategies that the climate movement can work on between 2016 and 2020.

Caring for Creation

Through collaboration, nimbleness, and alignment of our gifts with our passion for creation, FSM philanthropy is helping to realize the goals of protecting our planet and providing for all God’s creatures.

In 2016, FSM Grantees Took Strides toward a More Sustainable World


Acres of Amazon forest protected


People engaged in environmental activities


Grassroots climate and conservation leaders trained


Sub-grants awarded to grassroots leaders and organizations