Sustainable Cattle Ranching project in Colombia
Sustainable Cattle Ranching project in Colombia

FSM supports The Nature Conservancy’s (TNC ) five-year project with cattle ranchers in 87 municipalities in Colombia to adopt sustainable ranching practices that conserve forest land and protect critical habitats. These well-tested practices, known as silvopastoral production systems, increase biodiversity and native species, reduce water contamination, and increase yields—and therefore profits—to ranchers. TNC will also support large-scale community-run nurseries to distribute 2.5 million trees to ranchers. By December 2016, TNC plans to: facilitate converting over 70,400 acres to intensive silvopastoral systems; protect 37,065 acres of natural habitat through conservation agreements; and have engaged 2,700 ranching families in the project.

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Photo credit: Paola Fernandez/TNC