Generate Capital is a specialty finance company that funds the Resource Revolution–doing more with less of our world’s critical resources (such as energy, water, food, and materials). Generate rebuilds resource systems with the high-impact, economic, and proven infrastructure solutions we have today (from anaerobic digestion and energy storage water sensors to electric vehicles). Generate’s Infrastructure as a Service TM model allows customers to pay for using infrastructure as they go without having to buy and maintain an entire system—so they get to use resilient, reliable resources and save money on day one.

Regions Impacted

USA and Puerto Rico

Commitment Date

May 2015

Amount Committed

$500,000 US Dollars

Capital Called

$500,000 (100%)

Capital Returned


 Impact Metrics for 2016

  • 201,322 kWh Energy conserved
  • 4,233,000 kWh Renewable energy produced
  • 5,734 kW  New renewable energy capacity created
  • 28,297 Tons dairy manure digested
  • 19,215 Metric tonnes GHG missions avoided