Fair Food Network, Double Up Food Bucks

Fair Food Network (FFN) is a national nonprofit founded on the belief that vibrant local food systems can create health and economic opportunity. With a diverse network of partners, FFN pioneers innovative solutions that increase access to healthy food, support farmers, and stimulate economic activity.

FSM’s funding allowed FFN to pilot its Double Up Food Bucks program in Missouri and Kansas, beginning in Kansas City in 2015 and moving to St. Louis and other parts of the two states in 2016. This innovative program doubles the value of federal SNAP nutrition benefits at farmers’ markets and participating grocery stores, helping people bring home more locally grown fruits and vegetables. The wins are three-fold: local farmers gain new customers and make more money, more food dollars stay in the local economy, and families eat more healthy food. Each has ripple effects across the community.

First Year of Support



Funding from the Franciscan Sisters of Mary was key to launching a Double Up Food Bucks pilot that has since grown into the first multi-state program leveraging $5.8 million in local and federal investments. Double Up is a national model for healthy food incentives that helps low-income families eat more fruits and vegetables while supporting American farmers and stimulating local economies. With the foundation laid by the Sisters’ initial investment, Double Up will be in 200 grocery stores and farmers markets across Missouri and Kansas reaching more than 316,000 SNAP recipients by 2019.