In December 2015, the climate talks in Paris identified goals of moving to 100 percent clean, renewable energy and limiting the rise in global temperature this century to no more than 1.5 degree Celsius.

Key to achieving those goals is reducing and ultimately ending reliance on fossil fuels like coal and oil for our energy. Burning fossil fuels emits high levels of carbon into the atmosphere, resulting in global warming and climate change.

The Franciscan Sisters of Mary enthusiastically support the use of clean, renewable energy such as solar or wind power. With that goal in mind, by the end of 2014 FSM had totally phased out investments in the extraction and sale of fossil fuels, shifting to investments in clean energy and resource efficiency.

Partnering for Clean, Renewable Energy

Some of our current renewable energy investments include:

  • M-KOPA Solar provides solar lighting and energy to more than 600,000 off-grid households in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania.
  • The Global Energy Efficiency Renewable Energy Fund (GEEREF) sponsors clean energy projects in places such as Nairobi, Kenya, Malaysia, Egypt, Mozambique, Brazil, Colombia, South Africa, Philippines, and India.
  • Global Greengrants Fund offers grants to support clean energy in developing countries
  • New Energy Capital works with local developers to generate clean power and infrastructure.
  • The Solutions Project offers grants to community organizations in five states to work toward a 100 percent clean energy future.
  • The Franciscan Sisters of Mary provided funding to install solar panels at the Mary Immaculate School in Gulu, Uganda, so teachers could keep computers running reliably for computer skills classes in this boarding and day school, operated by the Little Sisters of Mary Immaculate of Gulu. Electrical service for the school has been irregular and expensive; the solar panels will ensure uninterrupted power for the computer labs.

Through clean energy, we can limit the destructive climate change that threatens coastal areas and our world’s future. The FSM urge the move to clean, renewable energy and investment in companies that promote wind, water, and solar power.