In 2015 we affirmed the Focus set in 2011, “Flowing from our [FSM] Mission, we focus the power of our intention on compassionate care of Creation in collaboration with others,” adding our resolve to “widen, deepen, and emphasize its collaborative aspects.”

To guide us in living out our Focus, we selected a Focus Implementation Group (FIG), five FSM who seek out ways to collaborate with and support the efforts of organizations that are aligned with our goals and values.

The Focus Implementation Group Goal

We live passionately as collaborators for integrated care of creation.

We delight in and engage with organizations with whom we share values, enthusiasm, and hope.

With joy we engage our sisters to widen and deepen our Focus.

Through FIG, the FSM have chosen to focus our concerns on sustainability of clean, accessible water and food—both of which are deeply affected by increased temperatures, unstable weather, and population growth.

On a global level, we are concerned with the shrinking availability of clean drinkable water caused by drought, toxic pollution, and the loss of glacial melt. Loss of forests that store up water, rapid water evaporation, and water diversion are having a huge effect on both international and domestic agriculture, with crops failing because of the lack of water for irrigation or because of soil erosion through catastrophic flooding. Protecting food production and drinkable water supplies are enormous prolife issues, both for this generation and even more for those to come.

FIG works closely with organizations that share our FSM concerns and values, such as, Sierra Club, Interfaith Power and Light, the Franciscan Action Network, the Union of Concerned Scientists, the Catholic Climate Covenant, and the St. Louis Food Funders, to mention a few.

FIG is happy to join with FSM leadership in supporting the Fair Food Network (especially in expanding its Double Up Food Bucks program in St. Louis food deserts), the Agroecology Fund, and Gateway Greening. We are also deeply involved in the issue of clean water through organizations like The Nature Conservancy, Missouri Coalition for the Environment, Rare, and Forest ReLeaf.

While it is a joy to work with the Missouri Coalition for the Environment on many issues, we value in particular its guidance in advocating for removal of the radioactive waste at the urban West Lake Landfill in Bridgeton, Missouri.

Visit this website often. We will include more information on all these efforts in the near future, including ways you may also be involved.

Meet the Focus Implementation Group

Sr. Jeanne Derer
Jeanne Derer, FSM, Chair

Sr. Sherri Coleman
Sherri Coleman, FSM

Sr. Irma Kennebeck
Irma Kennebeck, FSM

Sr. Marge O'Gorman
Marge O’Gorman, FSM

Sr. Sandy Schwartz
Sandy Schwartz, FSM