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Ministries Overview

As Franciscan Sisters of Mary, we have devoted our lives to living out the Gospel and ministering to those in need. Our founder, Mother Mary Odilia Berger, saw in each person the heart of Christ that unites all as sisters and brothers. That spirit of inclusive hospitality is the foundation for the respect and dignity the sisters share with all.

The ministries of the Franciscan Sisters of Mary have reflected their commitment to the poor and marginalized. Besides SSM Health, the health care system founded by the sisters, the FSM have sponsored many other ministries offering help and encouragement to those struggling with day-to-day living.

The sisters have reached out to homeless teenage mothers and their children through Almost Home. In Woman’s Place they have provided refuge for women facing violence who need a safe place to rebuild their lives. They have offered in Holy Family Birthing Services a clean, safe, compassionate place for poor mothers to bring their babies into the world, regardless of their ability to pay, in the one of the poorest counties of an impoverished region in Texas.

The many ways the Franciscan Sisters of Mary have found to serve express their deep compassion and healing. The sisters have served as health professionals, pastoral care providers, authors, social workers, artists, massage therapists, teachers, organizational and leadership developers.

They have worked in parishes, birthing centers, hospitals, clinics, retreat centers, hospices, and women’s centers. They have advocated for sisters and brothers who have no voice, supporting peace, reconciliation, and nonviolence. Their hearts are especially moved by the plight of women and children pushed to the edges of society.

The sisters have served in Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Arizona, Ohio, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, New Mexico, Peru, Brazil, South Africa, as well as other places.

We have now entrusted our ministries to those who worked alongside our sisters, who share our mission and our values.

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