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Ministries Overview

As Franciscan Sisters of Mary we go forth strengthening one another as we live and minister in the name of the Gospel. Our founder, Mary Odilia Berger, viewed everyone as sharing the love of Christ in their hearts. That spirit of inclusive hospitality is the foundation for the respect and dignity shown by the sisters for their sisters and brothers.

Persons struggling with day to day existence, teenage mothers with children who are homeless, sisters and brothers of color dealing with prejudice, women facing violence needing a safe place to rebuild their lives, vowed women facing infirmity, children needing healing, all have a place in the hearts of the Franciscan Sisters of Mary.

Our works have been varied expressions of compassion and healing. Among us are health professionals, pastoral care providers, authors, artists, social workers and massage therapists.

We have ministered in parishes, birthing centers, hospitals, clinics, transitional housing sites, retreat centers, hospices and women's centers. We provide health care and adult day care.

We advocate for our sisters and brothers who are voiceless, lending our support to peace making, reconciliation and nonviolence. Our hearts are especially moved by the plight of women and children relegated to the margins of society.

We have served in Missouri, Illinois, Arizona, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas, New Mexico and Wisconsin. We have entrusted our ministries in Brazil; Holy Family Services in Weslaco, Texas; and Almost Home and SSM Health Care in St. Louis to the people with whom our sisters lived.

Society's needs and our preparedness determine where we serve and what we may do. We may find ourselves called to something new and unexpected by God's action in our lives.

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