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Justice Ministry

In the spirit of St. Francis, the Franciscan Sisters of Mary are committed to promoting a world of justice, peace and nonviolence.

Franciscan Sisters of Mary Declaration of Nonviolence

We, the Franciscan sisters of Mary, live the gospel call to love one another, choosing to be the compassionate, healing presence of Jesus to all, in recognition of the dignity afforded the children of God. We value the sacredness of life and respect the dignity and freedom of each person.

We accept the challenge of the poor calling us to conversion, service and solidarity, we choose an option for the poor knowing full well it requires changes in unjust political, economic and social structure.

We dedicate ourselves to heal the wounded and make decisions in light of what our choices will do to, for and with our brothers and sisters who are poor and marginalized, especially women and children.

We respect, appreciate and live in harmony with creation and direct our actions to preserve the earth.

We further commit ourselves to take corporate and public stands to effect systemic change for the common good based upon our deeply held belief that love of neighbor and justice cannot be separated.

We join and support others who are working for peace and justice.

We commit ourselves to:

  • promote the sacredness of life through all its stages and expressions
  • support legislation to curtail the availability of weapons
  • oppose military aggression and the continued build-up of nuclear weapons and promote economic conversion
  • support legislation and other advocacy efforts which provide protection, safety, financial assistance to survivors of domestic violence and child abuse
  • speak out against the use and glorification of violence in our media and culture
  • work for just and human solutions in criminal justice and oppose the death penalty
  • reverse the waste and destruction of our natural environment

We bless and sanctify these actions as our pledge to transform and renew the world.

Franciscan Sisters of Mary, Peace and Justice Commission, August 1994

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