Solutions Project - PUSH Buffalo Greenhouse

The Solutions Project (TSP) unites science, business, culture, and community to accelerate the transition towards “100%” clean, renewable energy for all people and purposes. TSP pursues this mission with a three-pronged program that shifts the culture around clean energy:

  1. Marketing campaign to inspire and activate mainstream audiences for 100%
  2. Grantmaking to community organizations making 100% happen at the front lines of pollution and climate change
  3. Support tools to a full range of state and local advocates of clean energy, energy efficiency, and community benefits policies

With FSM’s financial support, TSP makes medium-sized grants to community-rooted organizations working to influence public perception and policy decisions in favor of a 100% clean energy future in five highly strategic states.

Solutions Project - Renovus

Solutions Project - PUSH Buffalo Greenhouse

Regions Impacted

California, New York, Iowa, Nevada, and Florida.

First Year of Support



The Franciscan Sisters of Mary show up for those everyday heroes implementing just solutions at the frontlines of climate change.  In that spirit and the Sisters’ support, our Leadership Fund invested more than $300,000 in a dozen grassroots organizations across the state of NY – from Buffalo to Binghamton to Brooklyn – leaders not only improving the health and wealth of working class neighbors through affordable clean energy, but leaders who join together through the NY Renews coalition to make sure ALL New Yorkers benefit from a transition to 100% clean energy. NY is just one example among many where community leaders are coming together to implement solutions to our most pressing problems; we are honored to support that leadership with dollars and media through our work across the country.