Sambazon--HarvestSambazon is a vertically integrated manufacturer and retailer of organic beverages and consumer-packaged goods with the Brazilian fruit Açaí. Açaí is a berry with a high nutrient profile, which grows only in the Amazon River Basin. The company sources from over 10,000 small-scale farmers across the Amazon, encourages environmental stewardship, protects biodiversity through agro-forestry systems, and provides alternatives to logging, cattle, soy, charcoal, and monoculture plantations.

Regions Impacted

Amazon River Basin (production), USA (sales)

Investment Date

January 2014

Amount Invested

$68,000 US Dollars

Impact Metrics for 2016

  • 10,000+ Local suppliers
  • 850,000 Hectares of rainforest protected
  • 250+ Communities involved