North Sky Capital

The Fund invests in resource efficiency and industrial innovation. Further, it provides growth capital to innovative companies at the commercialization inflection point that have proven technologies and existing customers and revenue. The Fund targets 50% of its portfolio in secondary investments, 30% in primary investments, and the remainder in direct investments, typically as debt co-invested alongside a partner fund.

Regions Impacted

North America, Israel, Netherlands

Fund Locations

  • Israel CleanTech Ventures – Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Robeco II – Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Altira Group – Denver, Colorado
  • XPV Water Partners – Toronto, Canada

Commitment Date

September 2013


12 years

Amount Committed

$750,000 US Dollars

Capital Called

$618,750 (83%)

Capital Returned as of September 30, 2020


Impact Metrics

The Fund does not track impact metrics at the fund of funds level given the diversity of the underlying holdings.