Mid BioAg

Midwestern BioAg (MBA) is a specialty agriculture company that sells fertilizers, soil amendments, seeds, and animal nutrition products as part of a comprehensive soil management consulting practice for farmers. MBA uses biological farming; a systems-based approach to agriculture that increases yield per acre while focusing on soil health to produce crops that are more resistant to pests and diseases. MBA reduces the need for chemical fertilizer and pesticides, which in turn decreases the runoff of point source pollution from farms to neighboring watersheds and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Wedig farmsRegions Impacted

USA’s Midwest

Investment Date

June 2016

Amount Invested

$500,000 US Dollars


MBA believes consolidation by an agrochemical or agriculture biotech company as a likely means of exit for equity investors. It would be uncomfortable selling to Monsanto due to concerns about impact dilution, but it has expressed openness to all other buyers.

Mid BioAg - Soil at Gary's FarmImpact Metrics for 2016

  • 240,792 Sustainable acres under conventional management
  • 106,700 Sustainable acres under organic management
  • 397,101 Metric tonnes of GHG emissions avoided
  • 486,489 Metric tonnes of GHG emission sequestered
  • 17,959,000 Pounds of nitrogen reduced