From their earliest beginnings the Franciscan Sisters of Mary have used the gifts God has given to the best of our ability. Throughout our years in healthcare we have been at the forefront of technological and research advances, working to provide the best possible care for our patients.

Now, through impact investing, an innovative approach that allows us to achieve a strong return on investment while furthering our environmental and social goals, and philanthropy that maintains a laser-focus on our Focus of compassionate care of creation, we are using the assets built over many years of ministry to live out our values. We use every opportunity to encourage other faith-based organizations to tailor their investments and philanthropy to fulfill their professed goals and values.

We are also exploring new territory as we look toward Our Future.

Who We Support

  • Vision Ridge Sustainable Asset Fund


    Vision Ridge Partners is a clean-energy-oriented investment firm. The Sustainable Asset Fund (SAF) invests in sustainably managed real assets in industry verticals including water, agriculture, energy efficiency, renewable power generation, land/biomass and transportation.

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