Today, our approach to impact stems from the long legacy of dedicated sisters who founded, expanded and operated our health ministries. Driven by faith, selfless compassion and the mandate from Mother Odilia to “continue courageously,” our sisters always sought to go where the need was greatest. Our sisters faced this challenge with creativity and determination, serving places and people others would not.

Following years of ministry through innovative, compassionate care, we now commit our resources to new ways of healing, new ways of providing care to areas of great need. Through impact investing, directed philanthropy and advocacy for the care of creation, we expand our tradition of health care to care for the health of the planet and its people. These new ministries are how we respond, as Pope Francis has pleaded, to “the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor.”

We reinvest the assets built over many years of ministry to support collaborators locally, regionally, and globally who carry on the legacy of compassionate care through care of creation.

Who We Support

  • M-KOPA Solar


    M-KOPA is a consumer lending company that uses an innovative SIM-card-based payment system to help off-grid consumers at the Base of the Pyramid to finance the purchase of solar home lighting systems.

  • MicroVest Short Duration Fund


    The MicroVest Short Duration Fund mission is to facilitate and bolster capital markets for low-income populations worldwide.

  • Midwestern BioAg Series C Preferred Equity


    Midwestern BioAg is a specialty agriculture company that sells fertilizers, soil amendments, seeds, and animal nutrition products as part of a comprehensive soil management consulting practice for farmers.

  • Missouri Coalition for the Environment

    Philanthropy Initiative

    The Missouri Coalition for the Environment (MCE) is Missouri’s independent citizens’ environmental organization for clean water, clean air, clean energy, and a healthy environment.

  • New Energy Capital Infrastructure Credit Fund


    This Fund managed by New Energy Capital is focused on investing debt and equity in power generation, energy infrastructure and other clean energy and clean infrastructure related assets.

  • North Sky Capital Alliance Fund II


    North Sky Capital is a leading cleantech equity fund manager. Alliance II will invest in a diversified portfolio of 15–20 small-to-mid-sized clean energy infrastructure projects across North America.

  • North Sky Capital Clean Growth Fund III


    The Fund invests in resource efficiency and industrial innovation. Further, it provides growth capital to innovative companies at the commercialization inflection point that have proven technologies and existing customers and revenue.

  • Planet Indonesia

    Philanthropy InitiativePlanet Indonesia (PI) works in the culturally and ecologically rich region of Western Borneo, Indonesia. PI identifies sustainable profit-making strategies by founding communal business groups to help individuals increase local income and improve access to
  • Rare

    Philanthropy Initiative

    Rare’s Reciprocal Water Agreements offer an effective and scalable approach to safeguarding Colombia’s cloud forests, protecting endemic ecosystems and species, and preserving clean water for thousands of people downstream.

  • Renewable Energy Asia Fund II


    The Renewable Energy Asia Fund II (REAF II) makes investments in renewable energy projects that generate clean energy as well as address socio-economic needs by providing access to power to developing areas of India, Indonesia, and the Philippines that lack electricity.

  • Sambazon Series A & B Preferred Shares


    Sambazon is a vertically integrated manufacturer and retailer of organic beverages and consumer-packaged goods with the Brazilian fruit Açaí.

  • The Solutions Project

    Philanthropy Initiative

    The Solutions Project unites science, business, culture, and community to accelerate the transition towards “100%” clean, renewable energy for all people and purposes.