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2015 FSM Chapter

On May 3 to 8, 2015, the 2015 Franciscan Sisters of Mary Chapter Members met to determine the direction of the congregation for the next four years and to elect a leadership team to carry forward the decisions of the Chapter.

During the course of the week’s meetings, the members reaffirmed the FSM Mission and Focus determined at the 2011 Chapter, with some refinements, and elected a leadership team for 2015 to 2019.

The new leadership team members, who will take office on September 1, 2015, are:

Susan Scholl, FSM, President

Judith Ann Bell, FSM, First Councilor

Frances Marie Haarmann, FSM, Councilor

Kathleen Marie Buchheit, FSM, Councilor

The Mission of the Franciscan Sisters of Mary is to be the presence of the loving, serving, compassionate, healing Jesus.

Flowing from our Mission, we focus the power of our intention on compassionate care of Creation in collaboration with others.

For the FSM, a Chapter is an assembly of the congregation that meets with the intention of discerning direction and electing leadership. At present, the Franciscan Sisters of Mary hold a Chapter every four years. ("Chapter" is derived from the Latin word "caput", which means “head.” When a chapter is in session, it serves as the highest governing body for the congregation—the “head” of the group.)

Many thanks to the 2011–2015 FSM Leadership Team—Rose M. Dowling, FSM, President; Susan Scholl, FSM, First Councilor; Irma Kennebeck, FSM, Councilor; Sandra J. Schwartz, FSM, Councilor. Congratulations and best wishes to the new team as well!

Posted: 06/02/2015

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